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Born and raised in South Africa, love of wilderness and life lived close to the earth and sky, was imprinted on me from birth. The earth itself seemed to be a vast being breathing with, interacting with, shaped by and and remembering all life lived within her embrace. The art of photography allows me to communicate my inner response to this world, to bring something of its truth and potency forth to the image.

Sometimes I am drawn to found objects, denoting human presence, left abandoned in the landscape. I love to examine how these objects have been transformed by their intimate interaction with the elements, to know them more deeply and to explore their resonance as integral elements of a larger cycle of life.

During the past year, my photography has become more layered and metaphorical, exploring my personal understanding of the the earth’s story, of human nature and history, in images which seek to evoke deep emotion and memory.

This search for symbolic force, connection and resonance is evident in my latest exhibit, Archetypes

Elizabeth Preiss is a South African born Canadian who has lived and worked in Toronto for the past 25 years. Following a successful career in the Corporate sector as President of a thinktank on Corporate Governance, Liz chose to explore a more artistic and spiritual path and took up photography in 2001, studying at Ryerson University, The Rocky Mountain School of Photography and with Freeman Patterson.

Liz has participated in many group and joint shows thoughout Canada an is currently a member of the artist run Propeller Certre for the Arts.. Her work is featured in many corporate and private collections.

She uses her photography as a vehicle to educate, raise awareness and funds for global development iniatives such as the Stephen Lewis Foundation in the fight against HIV/AIDS and is currently building schools in rural South Africa.